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2024 Dance Canvas/Atlanta Contemporary
Summer Choreographic Residency

CALL FOR CHOREOGRAPHERS - Applications Deadline: June 28th by 11:59pm

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We have officially kicked off our Summer Season with our partners at the Home Depot Backyard. Each month we will be hosting FREE Artist-to-Artist classes with different choreographers and artists in the Atlanta Area. Our next Home Depot Back Yard workshop is on June 26th

Let's get outside and dance, Atlanta!

2023 Year in Review 2.PNG

2023-24 Artists


2023 Choreographers

Destiny Diaz

Madeline ‘Max’ Gorman

Haley Ivy

Dominique Kinsey

Loris McIntosh

Christiana Mcleod Horn

Mamiko Usuda


2023 Filmmakers

Destiny Cook 
Emily Stratton 
Andries Payne 
Candace Haynes 

2023 Atlanta Contemporary
Resident Choreographers

Indya Childs piece_edited.jpg

Dance Canvas/Atlanta Contemporary Summer Residency

From July - Aug. 2023, Dance Canvas and Atlanta Contemporary embarked on the 4th year of the Summer Choreographic Residency. Both organizations are strong believers in the power of art and the strength of artists’ voices to heal, make commentary, lift spirits, inspire hope, and demand change. 

Headshot_Hawkains-2 (2)
N'seeka MacPherson Headshot (1)
Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 5.28.58 PM
Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 5.28.18 PM

N'Seeka MacPherson

Billy Hawkains III

Joy Paillet

Christiana McLeod Horn


Get to know the Dance Canvas artists


Dance Canvas Artistic Director, Angela Harris, catches up with some of the talented choreographers from seasons past! We learn about each choreographers' path to becoming a professional choreographer. We also check-in on how each choreographer is fairing during the beginning of the quarantine. Then, we throw it back to past performances with excerpts from their acclaimed work.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Dana Woodruff, Juel D. Lane, Lonnie Davis, Gierre Godley, Braeden Barnes, Annalee Traylor, Britt Fishel, & Angela Harris


FEATURED ARTISTS: Catherine Messina, Kaila Carter, The Tap Rebels,

Terelyn Jones & Thulani Vereen 

Choreo Chats - 2020

Choreo Chats - 2020

Watch Now

DANCE CANVAS' mission is to provide opportunities and venues to increase the awareness of professional dance in the metro Atlanta area!


We support emerging professional choreographers through our Choreographer Career Development Initiative, providing resources for choreographers to develop, create and produce new work!

We engage the community in dance related workshops and experiences. Through our Artist-to-Artist (FREE Series), our annual Performance Series, and our FREE Community events, we interact with audiences and present World Premiere dance to Atlanta!

We expose students and young adults to the world of professional dance through outreach programs, National partnerships and our 4-week DC NEXT program!


Youth Programs & Outreach

Introducing the Next Generation...EXPOSURE

Dance Canvas' Youth Programs range from outreach for elementary school students to intensive dance training for students seeking careers in dance. We pride ourselves on our local and national partnerships which expand our students' access and networks! 

Our partners:

“Dance is music made visible!” 

- George Balanchine

Become a Partner

Make a donation...Volunteer...Join us!

We couldn't do what we do without the generosity and support of our Supporting Partners and Volunteer Partners. There are fun, art-filled benefits for all Dance Canvas partners - All Season Long!

We would love for you to join us this season!

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We look forward to you joining us for our 15th Season and Beyond!

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